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Monday, March 26, 2007

Music Feeling

I start thinking of a detective with its equipment and a dog that helps him find the guilty. He is finding the guilty in a city that is dark and quiet. In the city is a lack of people and all the stores, buildings and streets seem to be alone. It is raining and a big storm is happening, but the detective keeps finding the guilty he never gives up. The detective looks a bit of misterious and pacific person. He wears black glasses, a long black jacket, some black trousers, and a black hat. The dog also wears some black glasses it wears the same things that the detective does. When they are walking they see some strange kind of shadow behind them, they both turn around but they dont see something. Then they see some people shouting and crying getting out of their homes. It is steel raining and a lot of thunder is going on. The detective doesnt know what is happening but he isn't confused.

I start thinking of a group of people that live in rural places dancing and eating. They live in a place without technology and contamination. They dont have any things that we have today. I also imagine that there is a guy that makes the music he is very young but he plays the guitar very good. The people that are dancing dance in a way that is very old it isnt the way that we dance it is very different. They wear clothes that are made by themselves. Were they live is a very good place for animals and living things to live so they share their things with them.

I start thinking of China. The movie of Mulan. A group of Chinese people practicing their culture. They are celebrating a kind of marriage or celebration. They wear long skirts and any part of their legs or arms are showing off. They are people that live in houses of the Chinese ancestry stile. Later of the celebration they all go into a river and start playing with the water. For them that will make their future better than it would be if they dont get into the river. There are lots of people very strange people that look like illness people playing the drums and strange instruments.

Reflection on TLP..

When I heard that Mr. Hide said we have a new project what I thought was to kill my self. Its obviously that the word project means work. For us working is not our hobby. Well, not for me. My first impresion about the TLP what bad. I thought it was going to be one of these projects that you need to do on writing a big report and presenting it to your class. Our first step was writing the post. Well, this didn't appear very fun for me but it was sort of cool because it was at a computer and not by our hands. Writing so much posts bored me so I was very happy to get on the next step. The next step was to make the phone call. This osea my favorite step. It was just so funny being all the class in Mr. Hide's apartment doing a phone call and having the new born baby of Mr. Hide it was so cute!

Our next step was doing the video. Well, when I heard on doing a video I thought it was going to be very simple, but gess what it wasn't. Specialy on copying the video in the USB it was very complicated. Doing the video with my partner was so fun. We needed to erase a lot of times some videos becuase they were horrible, we arent reporters so we disn't know how to act. It was very fun.

I really enjoy a lot the Teen Life Project. I meet some new people of Malayse and U.S.A and all this. I had a really good experience. I hope this project is reapeted sometime. It was very cool to work with people of other countries I never imagine this could happen.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Air and Water pollution

One cause on air pollution at this time is pollution in the ozone layer. The ozone layer over the arctic has thinned this winter because of air pollution. The holes on the ozone layer make the ultraviolet light come in and reach Earth's surface. At this time children, adults, and old people are suffering and will continue suffering from skin cancer; which is a disease that is increasing already in the world. I also found information about this in Wikipedia. I saw something called ozone depletion. The ozone depletion describes how the stratosphere of Earth is changing each day by pollution. The process by which the ozone layer is changing is called catalytic destruction of ozone by atomic chlorine and bromine. CFC's are very dangerous they are one of the most dangerous compounds that destroy the ozone layer. CFS's can come from refrigerators, Air conditioners, insulation, foam, industrial cleaning agents etc. As you can see air pollution is not harming just Earth it is also harming a lot of people's health.

In a web page called Air pollution causes and effects I found that in American office buildings that the air inside the buildings is more polluted than the air outside. A very dangerous illness that is caused by air pollution is lung cancer. Lung cancer is caused by Radon which is a gas that is made by decay of uranium. Radon gets in the air of buildings, through pores and little holes in concrete when indoor pressure is less than the pressure of gasses in the soil. Indoor air will be healthier than outdoor air if people use an energy recovery ventilator to make a consistent supply of fresh air and then air leaks in the shell of the homes. Other causes of air pollution are that because people are burning rain forests more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. As you know trees are major sources to make oxygen. If people continues to burn forests here is going to be less oxygen and more carbon dioxide.

I got information from a web page called water pollution and society. Here says that pathogens are a cause of water pollution. They can cause skin disease and respiratory diseases. Pollution in rivers and streams in the United Kingdom has increased during the 20th century. Three forms of water pollution are petroleum, radioactive substances, and heat. A major source of water pollution is municipal water pollution. It consists of wastes of water from homes and public establishments. Agriculture is also a source of water pollution because by farming a lot of organic and inorganic pollutants get to the ground water. In a web page called water pollution guide I found that water pollution can damage the health of humans and animals. It may not immediately damage it but during time it could. I also found the ways by which water pollution is made. One way is when people throws garbage or wastes to the water. This makes the water very dirty and contaminated. Another way is global warming. When the water increases its temperature marine organisms can die. Also oil pollution which is made by boats that navigate they left behind the oil contaminating the water.

Well what I really think about air pollution is that it is an important illness for humans and for Earth. Millions of people are dying because of the harm air pollution makes to them. We need to think for a way to solve this problem because we cannot make it increase it any more. About water pollution; it’s just the same thing as air pollution the same problems it’s just so terrible. I think water is the most important source for humans to live. Can you imagine what happens if all the water in the world would be contaminated. It’s obviously that living things would not survive.

In my next post I will like to talk about water pollution in the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. With this information would like to compare their water pollution.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Pollution -Global Warning-

Before I wanted to focus on Colombia's poverty but now I had saw a lot of blogs from my friends and other poeople. I am now interested on pollution or global warming. I saw in a web page called Climate and Society. Here I read that scientists say that the earth climate is been affected by humans. The sea level is going up because pollution is destroying the ozone layer so the sun is melting the poles. Pollution also makes hurricanes more happening. Since the 1960 the ice cap is melting as I have told you before. I also saw in a page called Pollution a global threat to the enviroment, I discovered the types of pollution. One type is air pollution. Air pollution is the excess of gases in the atmosphere. Some sources of pollution may be motor vehicle exhaust heat and power generation facilities, industrial procesess, auto manufacturing, fertilizers plants, building demolition, forest fires, agriculture, volcanic eruption, extraction of metals, roadway construction, and solvent evaporation.

I also got information from the web page called Pollution a global threat to the enviroment but about water pollution. Here I read that water pollution is when water contaminates. In the terms of water you can say oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, and every single body of water in Earth. Pollution in water is made by germs, substances that need a lot of oxygen to decompose etc. I also saw some sources or methods that can produce water pollution. This can be petroleum products, heavy metals, soil pollution, air pollution etc. Pollution is not only damaging the atmosphere and our planet. If pollution inreases more with time the population of the world is going to decrease. Pollution is damaging a lot of poeple's health.

I think a lot of things that I had wrote. I am very impresed because when the planet was lets say was a baby it was so healthy but now becuase of technology, dont taking care of it we are making it die. I think well I am very frustraded becuase I think this problem would never be solved. I am very worried and what we all should do is to make a proposal. We should think that what we are doing is damaging our planet. I am worried about my health. I am a very young person I am just starting my life. Its so sad that becuase other people is damaging the planet we are also paying for this damaging we are really paying with our lifes.

Over all, this what I had wrote leads to a one and single topic. I think I would like to do air and water pollution. First I choosed to do pollution but my teacher told me to be very specific in wich topic I was going to focus. After this post I had decided that I wanted do water and air pollution. Water and air pollution is very important for me becuase this is killing our planet. And I want my sons and my great grand sons to have a non pollution life. Like to have a great world were they can develop and have a very good and healthy life.

Monday, February 05, 2007

TLP answer to question

From Mr. Fisher's class, Katie wrote a post about Friends what do they mean to you. I think friends are a very good source of happiness, solution to problems, laughing times etc. I think without friends it would be very bad for me. Just think about it almost all Fridays and Saturdays I hangout with my friends and they come to my house make a sleep over and all those stuff. If I wouldn't have friends I would not hang out nor make sleep over or even be happy. Being alone is the worst thing for me in the world. Maybe for some people they like be alone. I am not saying that you need to be with your friends every time I am just saying that you need people to feel good. You need a person that helps you to solve problems, a person that laughs with you, that listens what you tell them. That is very important for your self esteem. I think that it’s right what Katie says something that she said at the end is the ps she said Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer. I think that comment is very real because If you show enemies a bad feeling about them they will steel be the same with you but maybe if you are different with them like talking more with them laughing with them and all that maybe they will treat you better and maybe they would become your friend and even best friend.

Having friends also has bad things but the majority is good things. These bad things may be that your friend starts talking very bad about your friend you are just listening to her but you think all what she say is bad. One thing you can do is tell her please stop the person who are you talking about is also my friend so If you are going to talk bad about her don’t tell it to me tell it to another person. What I would never do in this case would be to go to your friend and tell her what this person was telling you about her. That is the worst thing you could do because then a fight would begin so this two persons would become enemies. Another bad thing of having friends well it happens just in some cases. When you have a big group of friends a fight create faster. The fight will create faster because the group is so big that sometimes you don’t talk to some of your friends in this groups s they may start gossip about you or they start talking about other people and obviously you want to know but they don’t want to tell you s you get mad at them and a fight starts.

It’s better to have a smaller group of people like of 5 or 4 persons. When you hang out all of the people talk together in the same conversation, so all of you know about what person or theme are you talking about. For me it’s better to be in a group of this amount of people because of the reasons I have all ready tell you.

Over all I would not survive without my friends. So that is why I think there are so much people in the world so every single person could have a friend.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Our foods and Drinks.

What kinds of food and drinks do you have where you live? Someone post this question on the teen life wiki. This question is very simple but it has a lot to answer. Well, were I live The typical food is fish, coconut rice, and sometimes soup. This food is so delicious becuase the poeple that cook it has been all there lifes doing this. Here in Cartagena, Colombia we rink a lot of things. We have coke, Naranja, Uva, Manzana, Sprite, 7up, crush that has different types. We also have natural juices. I like Lulo, Lemonade, Maracuya, and Pine apple. You now that here we have a lot of humid clamate, and hot climate so we use t drink fresh things. I drink a lot of water but I dnt drink too much coke because coke is the worst thing in the world. Maybe for some people cke is delicious but I accept it but it is very bad. We have potato chps, french fries, chcolate. One of the things yu have that we dont have is mountain dew. Mountain dew is so delicious I love it. We also have a lot of chocolates like snickers, milky way but you know what we dont have. We dont have Reccess. Reccess is one of my favorite chcolates it's so bad that we odnt have it here. The candy that is typical here are cocada, dulce de coco that is cocnut candy, we also milk candy (dulce de leche), Caballitos and much more.

Really we have a variety of candys, drinks, and food. I am very happy with what I have in my country. Really I dont think that to be a beautiful country we need to have all the foods in the world, I think tha what is important is that poeple keep up our same food and candies so we can save our tradition because this food is from long time ago.

Another question I want to answer from the teen life wiki is: Is poverty a big issue in your place? Well, were I live the 70% of the poeple are poor. Its really sad that poeple that are rich don even mind about poor poeple. This people are poor because they could not study becuase hey didnt have money. If there is more poverty there would be more poeple without study so more poeple would be poor. Maybe in other places poverty is not a such a big problem as here in Cartagena. Its sad to see little kids with very bad condition clothes selling candies at the streets s they can get some money to eat. Sometimes you can see old but very old mans that are singing with their guitar so them they collect their money. Its really sad seeing that each day poverty is increasing more and more. Also their is a lot of displaced people. Some poor people sleep at the streets over some cardboard. I dont know how do they survive. Sometimes we dont value the things we have but poor people would value even a little piece of crackers. I hope this porblem would decrease because Cartagen and all Colombia are suffering a lot.

Monday, January 15, 2007

TLP Introduction

Hi, my name is Juliana. I am 12 years old in May 8, I would be 13! I live in Cartagena, Colombia. Cartagena is a beautiful city because of its history and its beaches. I live in an apartment with my sister which is 16 years old, my mom, my dad, and my grandma. I share bedroom with my sister but I would move to a new apartment so I would have my own bedroom. My grandma is a very important person to me. She is the only grandma that is left in my family. My dad and my mom are my heroes I love them a lot. I have a group of best friends. It is not so big but we have a very good relationship. We go out Fridays and Saturdays to eat to Mc Donalds, or walk by the bay. In the week I go first to school then after school I go to soccer practices because I am in the soccer team of my school. After soccer I call my mom to pick me up at school and I go with her to the gym. For me doing exercise is very important becuase when I do it I feel very good with myself.

I am interested in 3 issues but I am not sure which one I am going to choose. One of my issues is smoking. This is an issue that is very important to me to the person that makes it and to the world. The person that smokes is not only damaging him, he is also damaging our atmosphere and the people around them. Smoking is very bad because when you taste it for the first time you will be desperated to tasted again and again so this would became a normal for you to do it. Maybe you wont feel that danger you are making to yourself but as time passes this would became a big problem. Smoking is like drugs is the same thing because you cannot leave it.

Another issue I am also interested in is poverty. Poverty is one of the most biggest problems in the world. People that are facing this problems are the ones that didn't study. This relates to education, because people that dont go to school are the ones that became poor. Because of lack of study when they grow up they cannot work in successfull jobs so they would not have enough money to give their children education so when this child grows up he would be as his father. Its like a cicle without study more poverty so without money no study without study no job it is all related to each other. This things make people encourage theirselves to study and move forward alone.

The last issue is health. Health is getting worst every time. People that is poor is facing more problems than poeple that has more money. Poor people cannot pay a doctor but rich people can. Life expectancy is dicreasing becuase of this reasons. Also poor people that live in bad conditions can have more diseases coming to them. This is happening in all parts of the world even in the richest part. Other causes of dicreasing health is that poeple eats and eat bad food and do not do exercise. This is very bad because they can die because of a heart attack because of too much choresterol. Maybe if you are doing every day exercise or playing some sports you can eat whatever you want this is a very important reason.


Monday, October 30, 2006

Respond To Mapple Street Monster

The meaning of the closing comments in light of the events of the story is that when figure one says that they pick the most dangerous enemy they can find and it’s themselves. The meaning of this is that because the people on Mapple Street are blaming each other because they don’t know who is causing all this failure of light, there is going to be a moment when all the people are going to be desperated and uncontrolled so they are going to destroy themselves.

This message is significant today because people sometimes are doing the same things as the people on Mapple Street. Saying this I am meaning that people sometimes are doing dumb things that damaged there surroundings. People in Mapple Street were doing this because they were blaming each other saying that he was the alien and this and that, so accusing each other you are destroying yourselves making other people to think the wrong thing about others.

Considered how the play could be updated to make it more relevant for an audience today I think they need to do a lot of changes like in technology, and knowledge. Today people know a lot about aliens and space travel because of technology. Astronomers have help in this because they are people that study the planets, the universe, the stars, and all about space. About what they have investigate there are no aliens in our solar system but there could be. The equipments that would be affected by the blackout would be I-Pods, Laptops, Manual Clocks, Palms, and all staff of technology. The storie’s set up would be on a very modern city, like New York. Tommy would now about the cause of the blackout in Mapple street that it was not an alien, and maybe it could be a comet but not an asteroid because then it would have destroyed Mapple Street.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

My Favorite Web Page When I Was a Little Girl

My favorite web page when I was a little girl was myscene it is very cool. I recomended to little girls that like to dress up doll and to make up them. This web page is so cool becuse you never get bored, it is very viscious but it entertains a lot. This web page is very colorfull it contains more than 3 games. It has a game to dress up he dolls for any event like parties, weddings, cap out, sleep over and everything. Also it has to desing your own clothes. Also you can choose what ever clothe you want then you color it how ever yu want it is so cool. Another game is to change the doll's hair, make them up, and put a lot of acsessories like irings, necklace, some ahiny tatues, glasses, and everything that ahs to do with modern things. another game is for painting there nails. There are a variety of colors dark colors, and bright colors. This web page is so amazing and awesome. Really if you have a little sister I recomend all of you to share with them a little of time in this page so they can distract a litle time.

Monday, October 23, 2006

First Draft Story

Patricia like all the days, was very bored because she didn't have friends. She didn't go to school, so every evening she wanted to go to the mall. She didn't worry about money because she was the richest person in all her town.

"Mom, do you want to go with me to the mall?" Said Patricia.

"Sure, let's go." Answered her mom.

Mom and Patricia were walking to the mall because her car was at her father's work. While they were walking her mom and she saw a poor vendor that sell bread. He was called Carlos.

"Hi Carlos, how are you doing?" said Patricia's mom.

"Bad because I don't have money to buy food for my family." Said Carlos.

"Ok, I am going to give you $100 so you can give to your family some money and food." Said Patricia's mom.

"Oh Thanks miss you are such a good person god bless you." Said Carlos.

Patricia was impresed because her mom had gived money to a such poor and disgusting man.

"Mom! are you crazy you are wasting the money to buy our things." Said Patricia.

"Patricia please stop it, you need to become a better person". Said Patricia's mom.

Patricia start doing a lot of faces to her mom, Patricia was very mad about it.

Walking to the mall Patricia and her mom didn't talk about anything they were very angry. While they were walking they found his dad in his car. His dad gave them a ride to the mall because it was a little far.

"Patricia do you need some money to buy things?". Said her father.

"Yes, because mom gave all the money to a poor vendor". Said, Patricia.

"Ok, here you have $1,000 to buy everything you want to". Said her dad.

"thanks dad you are the best." said Patricia.

Patricia's mom was very surprised about how much money had gived her husband to her daughter. Well, after a few minutes they got to the mall.

First she went to a shoe shop. It was called Bosi it was so expensive but she can buy all she want because she had a lot of money. Her mom was very impressed because Patricia was buying too much. Patricia didn't put attention on her mom because she loved to shop and she was so concentrated shopping. The check was of $100.

Then Patricia and her mom went to Limited Too, Forever 21, Abercrombie and Fitch. She bought trousers, shirts, and skirts. First she saw a blue skirt that was very beautiful but she saw a skirt that was of all the colors it was like a rainbow she was fasinated but the skirt cost $50 but Patricia didnt care because she had a lot of money.

Going out of the shop Patricia told her mother that she was very hungry so if they can go to McDonalds, and her mom said yes.

While eating the food they were talking about a lot of things.

"Patricia you should be a little bit more considered about people you know that you have a lot of money and you are buying and buying a lot of things." Said her mom.

"So what if I have a lot of money and I can buy whatever I want so mom it's not your problem." Said Patricia.

"Ok, you are right it's not my problem but I am your mom and I dont want you to suffer when you are an adult." Said Patricia's mom.

After a while they finished eating and they went walking to home.

While walking her mom start feeling a little pain in her stomach but she dind't worry about it. They got to the house and Patricia was going to show her dad all what she bought but her dad was talking on the phone so she could not show anything to him. Her mom was watching T.V. and she felt the same pain that she felt before but it was greater it was hurting a lot. She told Patricia and her husband if they could go to the hospital with her.

Mom, I need to organize what I bought so I can't go." Said Patricia.

Her mom went with her husband;during the ride Patricia's mom died.

When Patrcia knew that this happened she was shocked. She never thought about this because she had a perfect life. From this day Patrcia became another person. She start doing all the things her mom did. She gaved Carlos all days money for his family and she treated him very good. She told his father that she wanted to go to school. She start being a friendly person. She shared things and all this. Over all Patrcia became another person.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


Denver is a city in colorado. I had been here many times it is awesome. Denver is a city of peace because it is very calm. When I went to Denver the last time I went just with my grandmother but I didn't miss my parents because my grandmother is like my mom. At Denver live some of my mother's family so I stay in their house. They have 3 sons and 2 daughters, 2 sons are big but the other ones are babies I was so excited because I was going to take care of them. While I was there I gived the food to the babies, I went to sleep with them all of this was so
nice. I also played a lot with my big cousins because one is my age so at that time I was 9. A horrible thing that happened to me was that I was going to a mall to shop so the day before had been my cousin's birth-day so their were a lot of candies. I was eating a big ball of candy so I started eating it, but it was so big that I started drowning with the candy ball so I was hitting my chest so the ball finally went out. I was so scared becuase I couldn't breath but the ball went out.

I also had fun at Denver. I went to Six Flags in Denver it was amazing. I went into all of the attractions; in roler coasters, in water attraction, and in shows. I went to a very cool attraction it was a pirate ship that was at a pool, it was so fun. I passed a very good time here. Another cool event at Denver was that I went to a restaurant called Rodisios it is of meat all is meat. It is so deliscious becuase you can eat meat, chicken, jam, everything that is related with meat. Over all, Denver is the perfect place for me.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Worst Holiday!!

Have you ever had a horrible holiday? Well one friend has and she told to me the story it was so funny and horrible. (1)She was going to California, Denver, and San Fransisco for her holiday. Her horrible holiday was on California. She went to a hotel called Sweet Chico She was so excited because there parents told her that it was one of the best hotels in California. (2) When she got to California the hotel was little, ditrty, and smelly. When she enter to the hotel it was such a different thing from the things her parents had described to her. (3)She went to her bedroom it was a disaster it was so messy, so uncomfortable, and so bad decoration. She was very sad but her parent's too, because a friend had told them that this hotel was a dream so they had been cheated. (4) Later on she wanted to discover some good things about the hotel she went to the pool, she swimmed, and she eat her launch. She liked the pool and the food so she finally had find some good things about the hotel. At night she went walking with her sister through the hotel. They where at the stairs because there was no elevator. (5)On top of the banister there was spider web, ants, and dust. Running up the stairs the spider web didn't get off her hands. (6)They went up to her bedroom and she start cleaning her hands, taking off the spider web, and she was shouting because she was horrified.

The next day it was time to go from this nightmare. (7)Although the hotel had been horrible, disgusting, and a nightmare; she had an experience. Going out of the hotel her mom told her that if she had passed a good time, but she answered no, because the hotel was not like she thought it would be. They were going to the airport, their next place was Denver this was a beutifull experience because (8)she told me they passed like rich vacations, they stayed in the richest hotel, and everything was so clean and cute. Finally she told me her vacations were very cool although in California she didn't pass a good time.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cojowa Soccer Team!!

In my school there is a soccer team and I am in it. I play as a defense, and some friends also play as defenses. The team is great there are very god players so we do a very good job. We need to work very hard so we have practices on wednesday and fridays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Its very cool for me its not a torture because I like futbol so its great to me doing this becuase it is one of my favorite hobbies. We also go to binationals to play with different schools. We pass a very good time there because we can meet knew people and make more friends, Its very cool. The bad thing about this is that sometimes when someone of the team has a grade under 65% she cannot go to binationals, so we have less people and less force in the team.

Once I went to albania games so there we didnt stay in a hotel we stay in the house of someone who lived there. There I met a lo t of peolpe that are so cool they are s frindly that they make friends so fast. We needed to wake up at 6:30 o'clock to be ready for our next soccer game, But really it was a very cool experince. Now, I am expecting I go again to this because it was my best experience.

Monday, October 02, 2006

My BeSt VaCaTiOnS!!!

In July I went to diney parks and to miami it was so cool! First I went to Disney Wolrd. I stay in a hotel in disney it was a fantasy. Well the I went to the parks they were very cool. I went to epcot center and I went to an atraction called test track it was about some cars and they went at a speed that you felt you were on a spacecraft it was so cool. Then I went to MGM Studios that was also very cool but I didnt like to much but it was also very cool. The next day I went to magic kingdom and it was 4 of July so it was the independence day it was so magic and all the fire works it was just great! In magic kingdom I went to splash mountain it was so cool becuase you get wet. I didnt go to Animal Kingdom becuase I dont like to much and I didnt have time. Then I went to Orlando to Universal studios It was so cool I went to back to the future, to men in black, to Jimmy Neutron, to the momia that was a roller coster indoors it was so cool.
This picture shows Pop Century hotel at Disney.

The I went to Miami to shop. There I bought all the school things and all my clothes and everything. I bought at limited too, Banana Republic, Nike Store and everything else. One night at Miami I went to cheesecake Factory that is a restaurant that has a lot of cheesecakes of all the flavors you want it was so delicious. I passed a very cool time in Disney and in Miami I hope everyone could go to Disney world becuase its the most beautiful thing in the world.


Did you ever had problems? Had you need to solve them and you were under pressure? well I had and they had been very stressing. I deal with problems in my life very well because I am not a complicated person but sometimes I stress a lot when I cannot solve them. I use some strategies when I am under pressure compared to when I have time to reflect it. Some strategies that I use when I am under pressure are to not complicate to much and accept others ideas and not complain about them.

Once, I made a mistake that was that I was making a project with a boy and a girl so I was the one that was making all the letter, so the boy told me that it was horrible that he didn’t like it. I was very mad with him so I told him its not your problem. I was so happy because the poster was very pretty that I started to ignore to others ideas so he was telling me a lot of things but I didn’t listen to him. Then my pressure was up so I stopped and told him to do the poster to do all the letter and all the decorations. I didn’t try to fix it because he was the one complaining to my letter I was very mean.I didn’t apologize to other people because the other girl was with me he was the onlyone complianing and fighting. This was one of my stupid fights I always fight becuase of this with boys. I dont know why I think its because they are so much complicated and they alwas want to make all the way they want.

Monday, September 25, 2006

What I think about blogging!!

My espectections were that people of other countries see it so they can share some ideas but we haven’t have contact but Some espectections had lived up because friends from my class had read it and write comments and I am very happy because they liked it a lot.
The hard thing about maintaining a web log is that you need to write a lot so sometiems you don’t have anything in mind so its very difficult to get a very good idea. The easy thing is that you need to write comments it very cool because you can share your opinions.
I feel very good because, I think that I am improving a lot my writing in English also that people can share to me some of there opinion about my blog and some ideas so I can recollect them and use them for my writings.
My feeling haven’t change It is the same as before as in my first post. I like this a lot it is very entertainment.
I feel very good about the technical aspects because before I dint know how to make links but now I know and it is so easy! Also knowing how to copy and paste pictures at my post is very cool. The settings are also cool changing letter to my post also the color the links and everything!
I had been surprised because I didn’t know I had such a huge mind I had a very good idea about all my posts.
I had learned a lot of things from blogging I had learned a lot of things such as starting to work my imagination so I can start making very good writings. I had learned so much things that I couldn’t tell them in this life!

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Monday, September 18, 2006

The best movie of the world!!

Pirates of The Caribbean: The Dead Men Chest! It is the best movie I had seen..It is very cool because it has action, suspense, scary things, disgusting things and everything it was so cool!!

I was very excited when we were watching the movie everybody was at the cinema becuase it was a very cool movie. Everybody was excited I was dying because I was going to see my idol Johnny Deep he is so pretty and acts so good his character in the movie is the best I love it!!
He always is like putting this funny thing to the movie and he is always so cute. Olrando bloom is also very cute but I dont like how he is in the movie becuase he is always like the good man.

"scary" story..

3 Skeleton Key was very cool and interesting. It should be a scary story but for me It is a disgusting story. It reminds me about a lot of things. In the part that they saw the boat that looked like a ghost boat reminds me that one of my friends one day she was looking at the window so she told me that she saw a pirate boat!! I was like you are crazy. That is one of the things that it reminds me. Another thing is that I was in the balcony of my house and a tiny mouse was running in there so I was shouting and running and it was so funny.

I had read other stories that had been very exciting. Some parts have been a little similar like in Rikki-Tikki-Tavi when he is always in the fights with the snakes it is exciting like when the 3 men were fighting with the rats. It brings me to mind to the movie Pirates of The Caribean: The Dead Man Chest because it is like the same things and the both themes are very cool and disgusting.

I was surprised when the rats covered all the light house. I couldn't understand also how the rats scaped from the boat. The story for me was so stupid. The author wanted the story to be scary but he couldn't. My favorite parts in the story were when they were fighting with the rats. The worst part in the story was when they were introducing the story is that for me it was a little difficult to understand.

Monday, September 11, 2006

<----Steve Irwin, the brave man had died!!---->

At the scholastic web page I had found a very good article that makes me feel very sad. It is called he "Cocodrile Hunter Dies".

I think It was a bad notice when my sister told me. I was impresed because I dind't believe it! I couldn't think how a prefessional man that all his life had work on this how could now he die. I told mi sister to put the news so we can see how he died and there I heard that he had died just with a stringay
"Deaths from encounters
with stingrays are extremely
rare. Irwin is only the third person in
Australia to be killed by a

"The accident took place while Irwin was diving off the Great Barrier Reef of Australia’s northeast coast. As he swam over the more than 200-pound stingray, its poisonous tail spiked him in the chest. The attack damaged his heart.

This new impresed all my friends and every body in the world. I was his fan he was my idol because he was so brave that he can fight and capture any animal. The bad thing is that he had 1 daughter and 1 son and a wife.

"The producers of Animal Planet say they may set up a fund in Irwin's name. The money would be used to support wildlife issues, Irwin's zoo, and the education of his two children.I had asked some friends and all of them are so sad that anyone can believe it it is unbelievable."